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What to Do When on a Vacation in Tahiti Island, French Polynesia!

Richa Singh
Tahiti Island is the biggest island of Society Islands—one of the five archipelagos of French Polynesia. Like all the islands in French Polynesia, this comes under the French Republic.

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Tahiti is the most populous island of French Polynesia and also its economic, political and cultural center.
The eight-shaped island was formed as a result of volcanic activity and is further divided into two islands: Tahiti Nui and Tahiti Iti.
Tahiti is an unspoiled paradise of pristine beaches, awe-inspiring volcanic mountains and splendid waterfalls. It lies just 8 hours away from Los Angeles.
If you are craving for a Hawaii-like vacation sans the crazy crowd, Tahiti is the place for you! It lies in the same time zone as Hawaii and is just as far south of the equator as Hawaii is north.
Places to Visit in Tahiti Island…
A balcony of your own and a spectacular view of miles and miles of ocean — a trip to Tahiti would be incomplete without an idyllic visit to one of the many over water bungalows here.
1. Overwater Bungalows
Located in the northeastern part of Tahiti Nui, a hike to these waterfalls is accompanied by mesmerizing chestnut trees, waterfalls, natural pools, archaeological sites and lava tubes.
2. Three Waterfalls or Faarmui Waterfalls
This beauty is among the few white-sand beaches of Tahiti Nui. The adjacent lagoon is a good option for swimming or snorkeling.
3. Maui's Beach
This is the point where Captain James Cook recorded the transit of planet Venus across the Sun. During the time, in 1769, the captain was on his first voyage from England.
4. Point Venus
Jumping in for a swim in Mara'a Grotto's cozy turquoise-hued pool is like taking a dip into the heaven. The lush greenery around it further accentuates the wonderful experience.
5. Mara'a Grotto
Teahupo'o lies on the southwestern coast of Tahiti and is known for its most dangerous surf breaks — a unique combination of height, power and speed.
6. Teahupo'o
This market is the center of Papeete, the capital of French Polynesia, and offers a great window to the Polynesian culture. Here you can roam around the streets, chat with locals, enjoy the local cuisine and explore the art and craft.
7. Papeete Market
The blow hole was created as a result of years of erosion caused by the coastal waves. Each time a powerful wave passes through the hole, it is pushed through the hole into the air, forming a fountain.
8. Arahoho Blowhole
Mount Aorai volcanic peak is the third highest peak of Tahiti and provides an amazing hiking option with rewarding views of the ocean and surrounding forest.
9. Mount Aorai
This museum depicting French Polynesia's history, lifestyle, nature, habitations and artifacts is the South Pacific's best museum. It is located at a picturesque location, bordered by lagoon and ocean.
10. Museum of Tahiti and Her Islands