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Why Travel Bloggers Should Shift to Web Stories

Switch to the Web Stories format and get more followers to your travel blog.
If you are a travel blogger whose following is not so big, here's an opportunity to boost your readership.
If your travel blog is doing very well, here's something that can increase your following even more. What you ask? Our answer is Web Stories.
What's so special about Web Stories? Well, they combine the loading speed and user engagement of social media stories, with the reach and searchability of the open web.
They are mobile-focused and visually rich. They are indexed by search engines and can rank like other web pages.
They are powered by Google's AMP technology and feature in a dedicated section on the 1st page of Google search results. Stories in the travel domain have started ranking already.

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As against long-form articles that bombard users with textual content, Web Stories have more visuals and less text. Hence, they go well with modern readers.
Don't you think these reasons are enough for you to switch to Web Stories?
Especially so, because travel stories have already made their way in Google rankings, which means a travel blogger's content has the greatest possibility to rank higher.
How to switch to Web Stories, you ask? Our two-word answer is Visual Stories. Yes, Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to get Web Stories on a subdomain of your website, without affecting its existing structure.
In a few, easy steps, you can start a Web Stories blog on your own website. This blog will be a PWA (mobile app and website) and use Web Stories as its content format.
To create Web Stories, you will get access to the Visual Story Builder, a WYSIWYG tool with a media library of music, videos and millions of images. You can also upload your own images or videos in your Stories.
Since AdSense ads have been introduced in Web Stories, you can benefit from the revenue generated.
Put your blogging effort in the right direction, switch to the Web Stories format. Amuse your readers with good photos and videos of the places you visited with some crisp content. Make your Stories fun.
Inspire others to travel or provide information about the world's best tourist destinations; whatever the thought behind your travel blog, the Web Stories format is sure to help you in a big way. Go in for it, now!

 Manali Oak

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