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Winter Vacation Destinations in USA

Scholasticus K Feb 18, 2020
Winter holidays is a great time to go out on a vacation with your family. Winter vacation destinations in USA are not hard to find. All you need is a map and some like-minded friends.

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There are several kinds of locations, ones with warm climate, cold climate, mixed climate, and also unpredictable weather.
Here are some winter destinations that are sure to suit your preference of weather and cater to just about every type of traveler. These destinations are not the usual ones which can become crowded and expensive during holiday season.
Offbeat or lesser known spots not only retain the charm and character of that place, but allow you to experience local life and customs in a better way. Another important thing which would make your vacation more enjoyable and comfortable is to plan your vacation or travel. Sometimes, last-minute travel bargains can prove useful when going on a vacation.

Cold Destinations

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In the winter time, some people like to enjoy cold climates, also some of the best winter vacation destinations is offered by the state of Alaska in USA. There are 3 things you should certainly do, fishing (also ice fishing), winter activities such as skiing, and see the wildlife.
You can begin your journey with the city of Anchorage or the capital city of Juneau and then proceed to the several wildlife parks, or lodges and motels that are present throughout Alaska. Covering the entire Alaska state in one visit is impossible, hence you can cover one division among the Inside Passage, Southcentral, Interior, Far North, and Southwest.
The Far North is a land of Eskimos, gold rush sites, and the Arctic National Park and Preserve. The Interior, on the other hand, is known for its vast wilderness where the Caribou grazes. Denali National Park and the city of Fairbanks are two attractive winter vacation ideas.

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Similarly, the Katmai National Park is an enjoyable experience in the Southwest. If you are visiting the inside passage, then you should definitely check out cities of Juneau and Ketchikan, and the majestic wildlife that surrounds them.
The state of Minnesota is known for two things, lakes and wildlife. If you are looking forward to escape crowded and noisy places, then Minnesota is the place for you. The state has over 4500 lakes, may be more, and if you are a fishing enthusiast, then you should certainly find a lake and resort (please take note of the fishing laws and regulations).
Well, apart from the extensive scope of fishing (in some cases ice fishing) you can also visit the Jay Cooke State Park and the Palisade Head of the Lake Superior. Minnesota is a place where you relax all your senses and cool down the stress, especially in areas like Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and Lake Calhoun.

Mixed Climate Destinations

There are two beautiful states on the Western costs whose climate is largely 'mixed', that is a bit cool and humid. Oregon and the State of Washington have several hotels that are located quite nearby to the locations that you may want to visit. Mount Hood and Trillium Lake are two extremely beautiful locations in Oregon.
The coastline of this state is also very beautiful and one can enjoy the Ecola State Park coast and Haystack rock. Another magnificent location that one should definitely visit is Crater Lake.
Further up North, if you really enjoy the peace and quiet of wildlife national parks and sanctuaries, then you should certainly visit the State of Washington, as it has several national parks and protected sanctuaries for you to visit.
In winter, the state of Colorado becomes a ski country were you can enjoy the countless Colorado ski resorts that are spanned over the entire state. The advantage of visiting the ski country is that you can also head over to the warmer belts of the state.

Warm Destinations

Some people do like to head to warmer locations in the winter time to escape the intense cold. The world favorite destination for warm climate is of course, Hawaii, which is known for its different beach destinations.
For winter season, you need to be aware that there might be a crowd up there. The same is the case of Florida as the crowd, in winter, always rushes to the beach to sunbathe.
The secondary option that you have is the states of North and South Carolina, California, Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi. If you are not that fond of beaches and just want some warm climate to enjoy the holiday, you may also consider Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia.
If you are looking for a less rough and adventurous vacation to spend with your kids then you might as well go in for North Carolina. Some great beaches in the State include, Crystal coast, Bogue banks, and the Wrightsville beach. Apart from beaches, there are abundant small coastal islands that one can visit.
Such islands include Figure Eight island, the Emerald Isle, and the Bald Head island. Other than islands, there are also countless historic forts in North Carolina such as Fort Anderson, Fort Fisher, and Fort Butler. If you are a history enthusiast, then these forts will take up an entire day.
The coastal region of California is also an attractive gamble. If you are interested in leisurely sight-seeing, then the coastal regions of California and the cities therein, is an excellent option.

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You can consider visiting places such as San Francisco, Sacramento, Los Angeles, Big Sur, Mount Whitney, Death Valley and its national Park, and Hollywood are some fantastic tourist attractions for your California vacation.
The basic logic that you can apply to the vacation is that, the more offbeat and out of the way it is, the more, peaceful it is going to be. Also you will get to see something unusual and exotic.