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Things You Should Never do in Japan

Japan, the land of rising sun, has its own etiquettes to follow. See what all you already and awe on the ones you didn't.
Vinita Tahalramani
It's about respect for the place you are visiting and of course you don't want to get caught or leave someone offended.
So we have zeroed down a list of things you should not do when in Japan.
Don't wear shoes 👟 indoors.
Specially when visiting a restaurant having traditional tatami mats for dinner sittings.
One More for Shoes
When using toilets, exchange your shoes with bathroom sleepers.
When in public some do's and don'ts for you
Avoid Blowing of the Nose
Loud blowing of the nose is not considered good in Japan.
Avoid putting phone on loud speakers. Here, I share the same thought 🤔.
Speaker Etiquettes

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Be in queue.
People in Japan are very particular about queues, be it waiting for trains or for your chance to climb the elevator.
How Organized!
No Hugging
It is considered a private affair and can make uncomfortable to some Japanese. So bowing is to your rescue. Know the correct way ahead.

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Ones ahead are necessary as they are related to eating.
Don't go around while eating. Walking while eating is not good for Japanese.
Also never place them vertically on the bowl of rice as this poses one of the funeral ritual.
Be careful with your chopsticks. Learn to use them correctly.
Don't tip anywhere.
Know the 2 hand rules!
Use 2 hands while accepting business cards.
Firstly don't serve your own drink, let someone else do. And if you doing it for someone, use 2 hands to hold the bottle.
Do bookmark the story to make your trip to Japan easy.
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